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Virtual Childbirth Education Courses

Virtual childbirth education courses that are evidence-based,

non-judgmental, warm, personal, and EMPOWERING.

Choose from the Preparing for Your Hospital Birth Course, or the Preparing for Birth Weekend Course - both are live on Google Meet!

Expecting Couple

Preparing for Your Hospital Birth

Here you are on your own, personal pregnancy journey, full of questions, choices, concerns, and preferences. So why take the large, impersonal birth class at a hospital? You've made the decision to have a hospital birth, or maybe you're exploring your birth options. You deserve a warm, personal, informative course that will prepare you for your hospital birth without judgment, hospital policy biases, or sugar-coating the process.


In this 4-hour live virtual course, we will cover:

~Birth statistics in the US

~Your birth plan

~Your expectations for birth

~Reality checks

~How the uterus & cervix work together in labor

~Your labor journey

~Pushing positions

~Birthing the placenta

~Coping with labor

~C-section births

~Promoting labor & inductions

~Newborn procedures

~Comfort measures during labor


You will also have access to two beautiful meditations to help you mentally prepare for labor & birth. This course will feel like having a conversation with a sister or a friend. There are no stupid questions, and there are no gross questions. You will learn, we will chat, and you will leave class informed, inspired, and empowered.

Investment: $250

Location: Google Meet

Duration: 4 hours

Preparing for Birth Weekend Course

Your best birth is a Prepared Birth! Whether you are planning a vaginal birth, a cesarean birth, medicated, unmedicated, you aren't sure yet, or you want to be ready in the event of the unexpected, this is an awesome crash course in what you can expect during labor and birth. Taught over a 2-day weekend, each day is a 4-hour-long session with multiple topics, meditations, and comfort measures for both you and your partner (about 8 hours of material total). You also receive access to the Prepared Feeding course and the Preparing for Birth Course Journal.

Day 1 Topics:

~You are yourself in birth

~What have you birthed?


~Reality checks

~How the uterus and cervix work together in birth

~Birth statistics in the US

~Which care provider and birth place are right for you?

~Additional support through pregnancy and postpartum

~Your pregnancy journey

~The holistic stages of labor

~Coping with labor

~Provider policies

~Your birth plan

~The care of me

~Promoting labor and inductions


Day 2 Topics:

~Where my baby lies

~The evolution of human birth

~Your labor journey

~Cesarean birth


~Positions for labor

~Positions for pushing

~Birthing the placenta

~Baby's first moments

~Baby's care plan

~Healing after birth

~Adjusting to life with baby

~What makes a good baby?


~Emotions after birth

~Partner tips for postpartum


Come with ALL of your questions, worries, hopes, plans - we'll discuss it all! There are no stupid questions, and there are no gross questions.

Investment: $325

Location: Google Meet

Duration: 2 days, 4 hours each

Image by Toa Heftiba

Message me by filling out the form below, email me at,

or text me at 347-654-5620 to discuss availability and
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