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Reviews & Testimonials

A closeup of a baby's hand touching their parent's hand.

I’m psyched to serve the birthing needs of anyone who is looking for support and guidance throughout the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum process.


Curious about my past clients' experiences? Please take a look at some of my clients' reviews below,

and please leave a comment if I've impacted you and your birth journey!

It would mean the world to me.

Brooke, NY

"I had a Preparing for Your Hospital Birth session with Melanie and not only did she answer all of our questions, but my husband and I felt so much more prepared for our first labor experience. She was honest, yet sensitive, and even checked in on me after our session. The content was also very educational, even after doing a lot of my own research I still learned a lot of new things. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for additional guidance to take a session with Melanie!"

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