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Birth and Postpartum Services

Hey new (or not-so-new) parent! I'm here for you. Here are all of the services that I personally provide for you in your time of need, whatever the stage of pregnancy or type of support you're looking for -- from virtual childbirth education courses, to birth doula support, to postpartum doula support, to help writing your birth plan.

Photo of Melanie Velez framed by the words, "Melanie Rose Birth Services LLC"

In-person birth doula support for all birthing people. I will be your physical and emotional support person before, during, and after your birth. Take a look at my current Birth Doula package and let's chat.

Virtual childbirth education courses that are evidence-based, non-judgmental, warm, personal, and EMPOWERING. Click here to see which course is right for your birth plan.

Nurturing, non-judgmental postpartum doula services to leave you feeling supported, informed, and ready for your new role in parenthood. Click here to find the right postpartum support for you.

Jump on a video call session with me to learn about Informed Consent and to discuss all of your birth options and get your ideas down in a way that will help you advocate for yourself during your birth experience. Click here to get started.

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